Yeti Makeover for the latest Fortean Times Cover

The latest issue of Fortean Times (FT #298, March 2013) is in the shops and features a repainted version of my Yeti illo on the cover (I am tempted to refer to this as the ‘vanilla version’ from now on).  Making the Tibetan Yeti over as the Siberian ‘Shurale’ was pretty straightforward as I’d got most of the elements on separate layers in the original.  It was just a question of removing the stupa and prayer flags then painting in a new layer with wooden church and some trees.  The Shurale supposedly has a horn on top of his head which gave me a chance to dig out my old photos of rhinos for reference.  I also widened the whole composition and repositioned the figure slightly.  It’s printed really nicely and I am quite chuffed that my brilliant plan of adding new cryptids to my portfolio has already paid off.  I’d better get on with doing some more….



My Lindworm illo from the cover of Fortean Times issue #264 July 2010 has made in into the Association of Illustrators IMAGES 36 which (despite the fact that I am in it) is entitled 'The Best of British Illustration 2012'.  It's on page 202 and printed a bit dark, but that's because the proofs got lost in the post and so I had no opportunity to tell them before it went to press.  

My copy arrived this morning, which is why I’ve had to hurriedly organise this new website.

You can read more at the AOI website.



As mentioned elsewhere I loathe website maintenance and writing about myself but have been forced to create a new site as the previous hosts decided to stop hosting websites and delete everything.  Quitters!

I will occasionally drag myself, kicking and screaming away from the Cintiq (where I will probably be painting dinosaur clowns, Nazi UFOs or something infinitely more interesting) to update these pages. 

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