About me

I’m not very good at the ‘selling yourself’ bit.  This is what I do, you either like it or you don’t - most of the time I like it.


I graduated in ’89 with a B.A Hons in Illustration from what was then Harrow College of Higher Education but is now part of the much grander sounding University of Westminster (Northwick Park Campus).  I then went off and did a variety of manual and not at all illustraty jobs in odd places until ’96 when I finally decided that I’d got all of that adventuring out of my system.  This coincided with computers finally reaching a point where they were starting to become useful to artists.  It seemed like technology had finally caught up with me and all the ideas I’d wanted to work on at college but hadn’t had the tools to realise them.  I taught myself, among other things, 3D modelling, Photoshop and how draw with a graphics tablet. 

I picked up a few early Illustration jobs while still at my then day job as a magazine journalist.  I finally made the transition to full time freelance Illustrator in ’97 when I started to get regular commissions from Fortean Times Magazine.  I’ve been lucky to have an almost uninterrupted stream of regular weird and wonderful commissions from them ever since.  Along the way I’ve also done editorial Illustration for many other magazines, the occasional book jacket, advert, film posters, storyboards/pre-production and probably a load of stuff that I’ve completely forgotten about.  There are several new and exciting projects in the pipeline, including a graphic novel project that has already been 3 years in the making and I am still too paranoid to show anyone. 

Don’t expect frequent and exciting updates, I loathe website maintenance and writing about myself but will pretend the real reason is that I am super busy.

Alex Tomlinson October 2012